Having a lawn in your yard might sound like a lot of fun. And when you’re someone who’s dedicated to maintaining the lawn as best as you can, that is totally fine. But when you’re someone who doesn’t really know what extra things come with a lawn, make sure you read into it first. It all depends on the size and the weather where you live, but also on who you are, and if you’re willing to put some work into it. In this article we will tell you more about this subject.

Having a lawn

It might look really nice once it’s there and you’ll probably enjoy it for a week or two before it starts to die down. Depending on it being just grass or other florals and plants as well you have to maintain it in a certain way. When you have just a lawn it’s less work than it would be if you had other additions to the lawn. It still needs a lot of love and there are a couple things you can do to make maintenance easier for yourself

When it goes bad

It might happen that your lawn starts to grow some form of moss, it can either be spongy or dried out grass or something else. There are a couple ways this can happen but there is one way to fix it. That is by using moss killer. You can make moss killer yourself, online you’ll find some mixtures including dish soap and baking soda. You can also just buy some moss killer in a store, most of the time the store bought ones have some form of lawn feed in there as well, in that case you have a two in one product. If you decide to make a moss killer yourself or you buy one that doesn’t work as lawn feed, you have to get one of those to make sure your grass stays healthy in the long run.

With other plants

If you have a lawn with other plants on it like flowers or regular plants, it might be better not to use a chemical moss killer. In this case you can make one yourself using gentle liquid dish soap and use that one. If you do that, you’ll kill your moss, you’ll keep your flowers and plants alive, and if you want to, you can add the lawn feed afterwards to give the lawn the needed nutrients.

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