Narrow House Stairs That Look Simple

In building a 2-storey house, the narrow House staircase is of course very essential because it bridges between the lower and upper floors. Because the area of the house is very limited, the design of the stairs should not be arbitrary. Pay attention to the right model and size so that the stairs get the most out of it. Here’s an inspiration for a home staircase design that can be imitated!

Design of a Simple Narrow Spiral Circular Staircase

If you have a tiny house, then you can use a spiral staircase to accommodate your narrow space. Although practical, you have to be more careful because the steps are relatively smaller.

Simple Narrow Staircase Design for a Straight House

Especially those of you who don’t like to be adventurous in arranging home interiors, then maybe a straight staircase design is the answer. The straight shape seems to take you straight to the second floor without having to go through the landings that are commonly found in letter L or split household designs.

Simple narrow house staircase design letter L

Stairs with the L model are one of the popular staircase layouts used because you can build them in narrow or wide places. Its flexibility makes ladders with this model popular.
The design of the stairs should be considered carefully. Both in terms of material, size, especially in homes that are narrow in size.

Simple Narrow House Stair Design Floating

One trend that is currently on the rise is a staircase that looks like it is floating and looks like it is hanging. Your minimalist home stairs will look more luxurious and look very futuristic.

Simple narrow staircase design letter U

One of the most common ladder models found in homes is the U-style staircase. This minimalist staircase is perfect for use in every home because of its attractive design and you can design it to make it safer to use.

Minimalist Simple Narrow Staircase Design

The most preferred staircase design is a minimalist home ladder. Minimalist house stairs are different from classic themed houses which are happy with large concrete stairs and have lots of accents. A minimalist home ladder is a ladder that has a simple and simple character. Minimalist model stairs also don’t have a large size and appear with a smaller size.

Simple Split Narrow Staircase Design

Want to have a narrow but charming home interior? Try to imitate the split model design inspiration. This type of ladder has 2 branches at the top and will be connected or merged at the bottom. In the concept of a minimalist home staircase with a mezzanine, even this model staircase design can be applied.

Simple Industrial Narrow Staircase Design

One staircase design that is suitable to be combined with different room designs is a stainless ladder. You must first ensure that the ladder has a good coating layer so that it is not slippery and endangers the user. This design is also very suitable for industrial-style homes.

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