The Most Comfortable Chairs for Reading and Lounging

With so many different chairs out there, how do you ensure that you choose the perfect one? Truthfully, the answer to this question isn’t a one-size-fits-all. What makes a reading or lounge chair comfortable for one, might not be that way for another. Having said that, there is a rough guideline which you can follow to help you onto the right track.

Your size and height

Things like your size and height can alter the way the same chair feels for you, compared to someone else. For example, taller individuals might feel more comfortable selecting a chair that has a deeper seat to ease into, to avoid feeling restricted or crumpled up. On the other hand, shorter individuals or children might feel more snug and secure in a smaller chair.

Chair width

Wider chairs allow people of varying sizes to use them without feeling constrained. Wider chairs also give you plenty of room to stretch out, turn around and get cozy in a multitude of positions. For this reason, those who intend on spending long hours in their chair will benefit especially from wider chairs. 

The extra space can even be used to rest your book or place a bowl of snacks on. If you want to add even more snuggle power to your chair, you might even choose to add some comfy pillows to your little sanctuary. Point is, wider chairs give you more room to work with – just make sure it can fit in the space you want to place it. 

Even if you aren’t planning on spending hours at a time lounging in your chair, wider chairs should still be the preference over ones that are similar in size to dining or desk chairs. The last thing you want to do when lounging is slip and slide off your chair.

Suitable armrests

When it comes to deciding on a chair’s armrests, you should also consider their height and width. If you intend on resting something on them other than your arms, like a remote control or a coffee cup, you’ll want to go for armrests which are on the wider end. 

In addition, always make sure that they are at a height which allows you to rest your arms or elbows upon without having to strain them. Once you have to strain yourself to get comfortable, it defeats the purpose of a well-designed reading or lounging chair. 

Materials and design

The material and way a chair makes you feel when you look at it is also important when choosing the right chair for you. When it comes to selecting the materials of your chair, you’ll want to pick out something which feels comfortable against your skin, yet is still durable enough to withstand any future natural wear and tear. 

As a bonus, opting for a material that is also easy to clean can help to keep your island of refuge as stress free as possible. 

When selecting your chair’s design, be sure to get one that invokes feelings of joy and makes you want to spend time in it. Simultaneously, this joy might also inspire you to spend more time doing the downtime activities that bring you happiness, like reading and relaxing.

Back and neck support 

The most suitable chairs for reading and lounging are those that promote comfort. However, they should also be ergonomic enough so that they allow for the correct back and neck support, especially if you spend a lot of time in them. A chair with a tall or deeply curved back will offer you more neck and back support. 

If you’re looking to add even more comfort and support to your reading or lounging area, you may want to consider the addition of a footstool. Footstools not only offer additional support, but they also promote healthy blood circulation. 

Ultimately, the chair you choose really depends on its use and your preferences. What’s most important is that you love it, want to spend time in it and feel good using it.

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