How to Build a DIY Deck Lounge Chair


Just lately, my husband and I noticed our dream of placing in a swimming pool, which we surrounded with a composite deck. And since we ended up with lengths of leftover decking, I noticed a chance to place them to make use of by constructing a pair of lounge chairs.

The design I got here up with has backrests that fold down flat, angled legs for a contemporary look, and a protracted, slatted seat so we are able to put up our toes whereas watching the youngsters. The composite materials does make the chairs fairly heavy, however with corrosion-resistant fasteners and polyurethane glue holding the elements collectively, I’m completely satisfied to report that the chairs are robust and practically maintenance-free. To make them excellent for stress-free, you’ll simply want lengthy cushions to cowl the seat and the backrest.

Positioned beside the pool, our lounge chairs present supreme vantage factors for judging our children’ cannonball competitions. Right here’s the right way to construct a set of your personal

Earlier than You Start

Summer 2022 Magazine, Easy DIY Deck Lounger

Peter Sucheski

Composite decking materials holds up nice outside, however it has totally different traits than wooden does. Right here’s what you have to know when working with it:

  1. To forestall composite faces from mushrooming round screwheads, drill a pilot gap for each screw.
  2. Minimize edges will be sharp, so spherical them over with a router or sandpaper.
  3. If a reduce exposes a composite’s core that doesn’t match its face, wipe the reduce with a wooden stain.
  4. Composite decking expands and contracts with temperature adjustments. Depart 1/8- inch gaps on the ends of the slats.

TIP: Many kits can be found for drilling and plugging screw holes in composite decking, however I discovered it a lot simpler to only counterbore the pilot holes with a ¼-inch bit earlier than popping in plugs.

Summer 2022 Magazine, Easy DIY Deck Lounger

Jenn Largesse

DIY Deck Lounger Minimize Checklist

  • Sides: 2 @ 4 by 79 inches (rip to take away one grooved edge for a remaining width of 4 inches)
  • Ends: 2 @ 4 by 24 inches (rip to take away one grooved edge for a remaining width of 4 inches)
  • Seat slats: 7 @ 5 1/2 by 22 inches
  • Backrest slats: 5 @ 5 1/2 by 21 7/8 inches
  • Legs: Rip grooves from either side for a remaining width of 4 inches, then miter the ends of every
  • leg at parallel 20° angles. Observe the diagram to make sure the skin faces of every doubledup leg have a completed texture.
  • Legs (exterior back and front): 4 @ 4 by 9 1/2 inches
  • Legs (inside entrance): 2 @ 4 by 12 43/64 inches
  • Legs (inside again): 2 @ 4 by 11 5/64 inches
  • Seat-slat facet helps: 2 @ 1 1/2 by 9 1/8 inches (miter one finish at 20°)
  • Seat-slat facet helps: 2 @ 1 1/2 by 32 1/8 inches (miter one finish at 20°)
  • Finish helps: 2 @ 1 1/2 by 12 inches
  • Backrest assist sides: 2 @ 1 1/2 by 33 inches
  • Backrest assist finish: 1 @ 1 1/2 by 19 3/4 inches
  • Backrest assist arm sides: 2 @ 1 1/2 by 19 1/2 inches
  • Backrest assist arm finish: 1 @ 1 1/2 by 17 3/4 inches
  • Backrest assist arm catch: 2 @ 1 1/2 by 5 inches
  • Backrest assist shelf: 2 @ 1 1/2 by 20 inchesTools

Steps for Constructing a DIY Deck Lounger

Summer 2022 Magazine, Easy DIY Deck Lounger

Jenn Largesse

Step 1: Assemble the legs.

Following the reduce checklist at, reduce the decking to measurement utilizing a desk noticed, then a miter noticed. Apply polyurethane glue to the unfinished composite faces of 1 brief and one lengthy leg piece. Align their backside edges, and clamp them till the glue cures. Drill 4 pilot holes by the lengthy leg and into the shorter one; make a counterbore with a 1/4-inch bit, then safe with 15/8-inch screws. Conceal every gap with a plug. Do the identical for the remaining legs.

Step 2: Connect the entrance legs.

Place the shoulders of the entrance legs in opposition to the underside edges of the body sides, 91/8 inches from the body’s entrance finish. Glue, clamp, and fasten them with 15/8-inch screws. Butt the seat-support rails on both facet of every leg, grooved sides down. Utilizing the identical screws, glue, clamp, and fasten the rails to the frames’ sides and ends, 1 inch under its high edges.

Summer 2022 Magazine, Easy DIY Deck Lounger

Jenn Largesse

Step 3: Connect the again legs.

To permit the backrest to lie flat on the again legs, trim their shoulders by the thickness of the backrest assist. Then glue and screw every leg 11 inches from the body’s ends.

Step 4: Prep the helps.

Place the backrest helps 1 inch from the put in seat-support rails. Drill a 3/8-inch gap by the elements 1 inch from the tip of the backrest rail.

Summer 2022 Magazine, Easy DIY Deck Lounger

Jenn Largesse

Step 5: Assemble the body.

Set the perimeters and ends of the chair body on their flat edges, perpendicular to one another. Drill two pilot holes by every finish board and into the perimeters. Fasten the items with glue and 3-inch screws; conceal the screws with plugs. Glue and screw the support-rail items to the within of every body finish.

Step 6: Connect the backrest assist arms.

Hammer a carriage bolt by the skin of every body piece and every backrest assist arm. Embed the bolt heads within the composite. Add washers, then tighten a locking nut onto every bolt with a wrench.

Summer 2022 Magazine, Easy DIY Deck Lounger

Jenn Largesse

Step 7: Safe the seat slats.

Set the primary slat in opposition to the body’s entrance finish, then glue and screw it and 6 different slats to the mounted rails. Affix the slats’ ends with glue and two screws, leaving a 1-inch hole between them. Assemble a U-shaped body for the backrest. Set it on the again legs, then glue and screw the remaining slats to the body.

Step 8: Assist the backrest.

Screw collectively two 5-inch-wide boards to make an L-shaped shelf to raise the backrest; fasten the shelf between the again legs. Make a U-shaped arm with glue, 3-inch screws, and three lengths of inventory; bolt it to the body. Now screw doubled-up blocks to the within of the body to cradle the backrest when mendacity flat.




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